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Ena Meat Packing was founded by Zatibey Kucukkarca and his brother Ali Kucukkarca in 1989. Ena first began out as a small halal slaughter house in Whippany New Jersey, but after a devastating fire they expanded and relocated to Paterson NJ. We have been in business almost 23 years. We are the LARGEST Halal Meat slaughterhouse in the United States of America. ENA is a 100% HALAL Slaughterhouse. We slaughter animals under the ISLAMIC LAW. We DO NOT stun. Stunning is not considered Halal. We supply wholesalers and small stores and markets in the tri-state area. During the week we serve the wholesalers, and on Saturdays we are open to the public. Custom Kill is on Saturdays.

Since 1980

Our Team

Our team has many years of experience, read below about each member.

Zatibey Kirimsavhal Kucukkarca

Co-Founder – Retired

Zatibey, the original founder of ENA immigrated to the United States from Turkey in 1973. He spent his early years in the Bronx where he worked in a 100+ unit apartment building…

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, which after years of hard work he bought and managed. After years of supporting his family overseas, he slowly brought his family over to the United States. He spent years in real estate managing his apartments and also running miscellanies business. In 1988, after seeing a shortage of halal meat products in his community, he in partner with his brother Ali, and son Saffet, bought a small slaughterhouse in Whippany, New Jersey. Zatibey diligently served as president for over 15 years, and retired in 2004

Ali Kucukkarca

Co-Founder – President

Ali, is the current president of ENA. He immigrated to the United States in the early 1980s after he completed his time in the Turkish Military. He in partner with his brother, and nephew founded ENA Meat Packing.

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After a fire of the original slaughterhouse in 2000, Ali and his nephew relocated ENA to Paterson, NJ. Ena has grown to be the largest halal meat slaughterhouse in the US. Ali and his family founded this company to serve to their Muslim community., and they built a company not only on integrity and trust, but as a family with morals and values. In 2009, once again the family realized there was a shortage in in the halal community, true zabiha halal poultry. In 2009, Ali’s younger son Atabey, founded Senat Poultry. Senat has grown to be one of the best names known in halal poultry, as well as expanded to a national level. Senat and Ena were the first slaughterhouses in the Tri-State to receive Shariah Certifacations from RAHMAT-E-ALAM FOUNDATION.

Saffet Kucukkarca

Co-Founder – Vice President

Saffet, is the Vice President of Ena. He immigrated to the United States in the late 1980’s, and co-founded the company with his father and uncle. Saffet put years hard work and dedication to ENA…

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, not only serving as the VP, but also managing the plant, and even working as a butcher. Saffet is also responsible for the livestock that comes through ENA. After months of travelling back and forth to Texas for auctions, he made an important decision for his family, and for his business and community. The only way to be sure of the health and quality of the livestock coming into the plant fully, was to oversee it himself indefinitely. In 1992, Saffet, with his wife, and son moved to Lometa, Texas where he bought a ranch for Ena’s livestock. After years in Texas, he noticed a shortage of halal meat in his area, so he decided it was time to expand and co-founded Mills County Meat Co. Goldwaite, Texas.

Halal Meats

Our Meat

Our Promise

All of the products that we offer at ENA are our own products and are certified hand slaughtered halal. Our policy for fresh certified halal meat allows us to have product leave the farm and be processed within 24 hours available for sale. We always offer the freshest product available to our customers. For the best price guaranteed, we don’t use a middleman to process our animals which allows us to pass the savings to you.

We have taken it upon ourselves to build an unmatched reputation in this industry and provide you with the best quality products possible.

All of our products are USDA inspected and certified by full time USDA Inspectors on site

All of our Animals Are:

  • All Natural
  • Pasture Raised
  • Grass fed
  • Grain Free
  • Free of Hormones
  • Free of Antibiotics
  • Humanely Raised
  • Minimally Processed

Meat Specs



  • G200 – Whole Carcass Fresh Baby Goats
  • G201  – Whole Carcass Regular Goat
  • G202  – Whole Carcass Fresh Milk Fed Goat
  • G203  – 6 Way Cut Goat


  • B100  – Whole Beef Carcass 8 Pc
  • B101  – 1/2 Beef Carcass 4 Pc
  • B102  – Beef Forequarter Shoulder & Ribs 2 Pc
  • B155  – Beef Hindquarter Leg & Loin 2 Pc
  • B158  – Beef Round Short Leg 1 Pc
  • B172  – Beef Full Loin 1 Piece
  • B100 – A Oxtail


  • L200  – Whole Carcass Fresh Baby Lamb
  • L201  – Whole Carcass Sheep
  • L202  – Whole Carcass Fresh Milk Fed Lamb
  • L203  – 6 Way Cut Lamb


  • HEAD


  • P300 –  Whole Veal Carcass 4 pc
  • P303 –  1/2 Veal Carcass 2 Pc


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